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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  September 28, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. right now grief counselors are at a middle school following the death of a student killed yesterday. >> the middle school is trying to cope with the loss of hailey ratliff. amy you learned more about the driver? >> reporter: the driver doesn't live in novato he was visiting from out of state. police say he's staying in town to cooperate and help with the investigation. the spot where she was hit is now full of flowers and candles. people keep coming by here to
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leave something to remember hailey by. this town is definitely grieving. especially, the community of her schoolmates. today was supposed to be a fun day the plan was to have friendship day an event where kids let loose a little. instead, the campus is full of grief counselors. >> a water day where everybody gets wet and has a lot of fun. i think is not going to be the case today. >> reporter: hailey ratliff was killed yesterday on novato boulevard. the 12-year-old was hit by an suv while riding her bike home from school. her principal arrived at school before dawn with a heavy heart to try and prepare for her grieving students. >> there aren't words to express the sorrow and loss you feel. >> reporter: hailey and her family just moved to novato a month ago from new mexico. >> she was adjusting amazingly. she got so many friends
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quickly, right girls? yeah she made a big impression. >> reporter: she works at the elementary school where hailey's three brothers are students. she had no trouble finding words to describe hail lee >> beautiful, loving, -- outgoing and her mother as well. she just dove right into like the coming to school and helping out in the classrooms. >> reporter: the principal says grief counselors have offered to be here all next week too. >> these students are experiencing the loss of a peer no matter whether they knew her or knew her well it doesn't matter the loss is still deep and very heartfelt by each of them. >> reporter: here at the scene you can see people continue to come here to bring flowers or just remember hayley. police say it doesn't appear the driver was drinking or driving recklessly. they are looking into the possibility that he or hailey
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were using their cell phone at the time of the accident they are exploring all possibilities. they don't know why it happened. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a mother and her 20-year-old daughter escaped a fire that burned their home in san jose this morning. the fire broke out before 7 a.m. on mulberry lane. neighbors called 911 saying the house was burning, you can see photos taken by firefighters on the scene showing the roof fully engulfed. mother and daughter got out sail after their smoke detectors went off. the cause still under investigation. morgan hill police looking for a mother they say abandoned her daughter during a shoplift ago tempt. police say 38-year-old marcy keelin and her 10-year-old daughter went to safeway and filled their cart instead of paying keelin told her daughter to wait with the cart near the exit while she got
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her suv, store employees 10-yea, keelin saw what happened and drove away police said she did the same then at the same store earlier. the 10-year-old is staying with her grandmother. the father-in-law believes the woman is heading to wyoming. this afternoon an elementary school principal charged with sellingthue back in court. lewis made his first court appearance monday he's the principal of montague elementary in santa clara. police say he offered drugs to an undercover officer. at his home officers found meth, date rape drug ghb and almost a dozen hidden cameras, including one in a teddy bear. right now, ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new pedestrian overcrossing bridge in south san jose. a spot where a toddler was killed trying to cross the train track as long monterey road in 2005. the 2-year-old boy was with a
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babysitter and three other children when that accident happened. they were on their way to mcdonald's using a shortcut across the tracks. the pedestrian bridge has been named standers acrossing after -- named standers crossing . >> reporter: you can take a class on cycling behind us right now you can see the students and professor henderson on their bikes about about to roll out, spend the whole day biking ending at critical mass. students roll up this morning they know their day will take an unusual turn. >> we are going to ride around the whole city and see how bike-friendly the city is. >> reporter: henderson teaches
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geography at san francisco state and studying critical mass. >> my take-away from critical mass is it expands people's sense of what is possible in urban space. >> reporter: he says people who participate in critical mass typically already ride. they tend to feel isolated among cars. he says the event is empowering. >> i do under stand the -- i do understand the concern about the 15, 20 minutes of delayed traffic. i would say if you step back and think about it, twice a day, everyday, there's that kind of delay cars are in crosswalks, blocking muni. >> i think it is cool as long as everyone stays within their bounds and into one gets too confrontational. >> reporter: today's class starts with a guest lecture on safety. burt hill is the chair of the bicycle advisory committee. >> giving right of way, sharing, common courtesy.
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traffic rules are built around that >> reporter: critical mass has seen conflict in years past. but exciting. >> never done something like this in my life. >> reporter: from an expert's perspective, the 20th anniversary is big. >> this is probably going to be a rejuvenation of it. >> reporter: back out here you can see this class now on their bikes due to takeoff any moment. as for critical mass the police chief says they will have extra patrols, officers will be on bikes if possible, best to avoid the downtown area in a car. katie marzullo, abc7 news. you can navigate around critical mass or any other traffic jam by using waze, abc7's free traffic app download it for free from if you are new to waze, we'll
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show you cool tricks, after the break. also, rare apology from the head of apple over the new iphone map app. bipartisan owner at state
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ca >> apple's ceo is apologizing saying he's extremely sorry for the problems with the map application on the new iphone
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5. terry, i guess apple's loss is another company's gain. >> reporter: it is. this whole thing prompted that apple apology. apple replaced google maps with apple maps but the apple app is tphroupbd dering so badly some are mocking it on social media. ceo tim cook issued apology today to the millions of iphone 5 users because of apple maps. customers are complaining the problems with the map app are all over the place. fewer details, lacking public transit directions, misplaced landmarks just to name a few. tech analyst says it is a problem but not for long. >> it is a short term embarrassment. they released apps before it was fully baked and i think they did apologize for that and should have. in the end apple is going to be fine. >> reporter: he says apple
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maps isn't a bad app he has been using it since the iphone 5 came out and hasn't gotten lost yet. tim cook is telling customers to download map apps from the app store or use google by going to its website and creating an icon to your home screen to its web app. >> this may be a good opportunity for people to realize there are a lot of great mapping apps besides google and apple, which is not so highly rated at the moment. >> reporter: how long will apple be the target of criticism? >> as soon as apple comes out with a fix, this will be ancient history. >> reporter: you heard cook mention waze, abc 7's free traffic app i want to show you cool tricks. this works in real-time. as you are driving from one point to another if a jam pops up, waze automatically adjusts your route around the mess, saving you time, hassle and
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money if you want to save more money, waze has a way to do that as well. let's say you need gas. waze can show you the cheapest gas in your area or along your route. you can save cash when you fill up, driving along, nice spot on the right, another nice one, not such a nice one there. you don't want that one well over $4. just guiding you through san francisco with the waze it can grade you better than i can so check it out. >> nice explanation, terry thanks. governor brown reaching across the aisle and back in time the governor signed a bill authorizing construction of a statue of the late ronald reagan at the state cap cal, reagan former california governor and president. -- during yesterday's bill signing, brown cited reagan's courage and leadership ability. reagan unseated brown's father pat brown in the 1966 governor's race. the statue will be built with private funds.
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looking outside the fog is trying so hard to lift. >> trying, having a hard time today still have flight arrival delays into sfo not going to keep the heat from coming our way could be excessive and dangerous at times this weekend. i'll show you where the heat advisory was just issued, and
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the latest search for former teamsters boss jimmy hoffa is under a michigan driveway right now authorities just finished drilling into a concrete floor of a shed in detroit to determine if it covers hoffa's final resting place. hoffa disappeared in 1975, a tip from a man who claims he saw a body being buried under that driveway, 35 years ago, lead to this search. you can see officers loading a soil sample of the ground into a police vehicle. results could be ready by monday vatican calling it a fake, ancient papyrus fragment which a scholar says contains the first recorded mention that jesus may have had -- had a wife. the papyrus is a clumsy forgery the church joins a heated debate over the text that reads jesus said to them, my wife unveiled by a harvard professor last week a text from the 4th century.
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you know that voice. the man known as the eye in the sky is calling it quits after 51 years on the radio. >> we start this san francisco northbound 101 at vermont. >> you know that voice, traffic guru stan is retiring. giving traffic updates on the morning news for a while, stan began his career in 1961 at age 18. he joined as a traffic reporter in 1963 has been with kgo since 1976. stan did it better than anyone now he gets to enjoy his retirement. he will be stuck in traffic from time to time. >> stan you are amazing, awesome, so blessed with having him work with us. mike nicco, weekend is here. starting out foggy you are going to warm things up, right? >> i'm going to forecast warm weather. not going to actually create
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it, yes. [ laughing ] >> i know what meant there are some people out there go i like it chilly and cloudy. no, this isn't the weekend for you. 11:19, hazy sun over san jose. one of the first areas to see sun besides east bay valleys this morning. mount tamalpais still looking at clouds creating the issues we had at sfo this morning. here's live doppler 7 hd, thick fog along the coast still mile and a half visibility at half moon bay this was just issued by the national weather service this entire area in orange is everywhere but beaches and bay shoreline that is where we are going to have excessive heat not only sunday, but also monday that means dangerous heat. that means find ere to stay cool if you are going to be out hydrate, find shade wear light loose fitting clothing temperatures near record breaking highs that means triple digits in many areas in the east bay valleys
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possibly santa clara valley close up in the north bay. 80s and 90s around the bay itself away if the shore that's why it going to be kind of dangerous there not going to cool off as much saturday night into monday -- here's a look at include cover, it is taking a while to dissipate today. temperatures responding with mainly 50s around the bay shore, 60s inland to 75 in antioch, monterey bay out of the clouds gilroy 61 everybody else socked in with upper 50s. slower sunshine temperatures same as yesterday, fog possible tonight excessive heat tone the weekend and start next week upper 70s to low 80s most of the south bay mid 80s saratoga and los gatos. struggle into the upper 50s at the coast could be in the 80s sunday. mid 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito 68. beaches in the 50s today, low
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to mid 70s most of the east bay shore, 80s and 90s like yesterday, low to mid 80s hollister, gilroy, morgan hill, out to the coliseum arblg's take on mariners still in the wild card, -- 61 dropping to 56° if you are heading out of town we are going to start off tomorrow with a little fog low to mid 50s this is as cool as it gets overnight sunday night into monday morning saturday night into sunday morning not quite as comfortable. temperatures reach 80s, 90s southern california even 100s next week tahoe mid 70s, chance of thunderstorms today. pushing the 100s inland by sunday. how would you like to win $49,000? >> yes please. >> go to our facebook page and
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like us click the win $49,000 button to enter we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the game right here. if you already like us g to our page and click that $49,000 button that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. with when we come back, we have breaking news.
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a crash involving multiple
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cars sent five people to the hospital. >> this happened a short time ago at 14th and franklin near city hall and 12th street bart station. >> nick smith there joins us live. >> reporter: if you know this area you know how busy it can be in the morning. the street was full with people, early this morning around 10:15, two people on the sidewalk, two passengers in the city of oakland truck and two passengers in an suv, were all injured in this early morning collision. take a look at video we shot earlier. you can see how chaotic and busy it was at the scene. now oakland investigators are here trying to figure out what went wrong. what we know, new information, six people were transported to area hospitals. two people, passenger and driver inside of the city of oakland truck, a passenger and the driver in an suv. and two people who happen to be on the sidewalk at the corner of 14th and franklin at
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the time. one of those people back here live, you can see went through the glass of this shop at 40014th street. the shopkeeper was in the business in the store, heard the loud crash could see where the truck hit the wall we don't know the status of either of the people taken to the who what we know is that no one was severely injured here on the scene. we know they've been taken to area hospitals. again six people transported from a collision that happened at the corner of 14th and franklin. when we get more information we'll update you. nick smith, abc7 news today at 3:00 on katie comedienne chelsea handler will talk about her late night talk show and what is next. also the santa cruz father and son behind this youtube sensation showing a toy train in space has gone viral, more than two million hits online.
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catch katie at 3. >> then at 4:00, cell phone thefts on the rise the bay area. the lengths one woman is going through to catch a thief. at 5, debate over childhood vaccines heats up again. this time parent activists chime in on a bill sit sitting on governor's desk. today at 4 and 5. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. millionaire is next. >> have a great day.
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